The Cognitive Science Society (CSS) provides financial support to conferences and other academic events that have a focus on interdisciplinary research in Cognitive Science. The purposes of this support include: promoting and advancing the field of Cognitive Science, establishing closer relationships between CSS and outside organizations, increasing the membership of CSS, and endorsing professional activities consistent with the goals of CSS.

In addition to the possibility of financial support, CSS has a procedure for creating Chapters of and Affiliations with the Society for organizations whose missions overlap with those of the Society. For further information, see the Policy on Creating Chapters and Affiliates.

In order to establish a uniform policy for requesting organizations, CSS will issue an annual call for requests for financial support, publicized on the CSS web site and emailed to the CSS membership.

Decisions on requests will be handled by the CSS Membership Committee, which is charged with disbursing CSS discretionary funds in support of the Society’s membership.

Types of support

CSS offers financial incentives for these specific activities:

  • Workshops that are part of the annual CSS conference program: The mechanism for applying for workshop support is to submit a proposal for a workshop at the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. We encourage you to do this, although your application will be competitive with other applications for a limited number of pre-arranged rooms at the annual meeting host facility, and there is no guarantee that your proposal will be accepted. Workshop organizers are reimbursed flat rates for expenses associated with organizing a workshop. A budget of $600 is awarded for each half-day and $1200 for each full-day workshop. In addition, the Society pays for the costs of room rental, audiovisual equipment, and coffee breaks. All workshop attendees, including the organizers, are required to register for the annual conference. See the annual conference web page for deadlines and submission details.
  • Co-location of other meetings with the annual CSS conference: CSS may provide administrative support (e.g., the conference support staff might assist with hotel negotiations, registration, badges), possible discounted room rates through our leverage with the conference hotel, or other financial incentives to co-locate with the annual conference. The degree of flexibility available to CSS to provide these various forms of support varies from year to year, largely as a function of the specifics of the arrangements with the host facility/facilities for our annual conference. In general, the Officers and Board of the CSS will make every attempt possible to facilitate co-location of other meetings with the annual conference.

Organizations receiving support from CSS are requested to include CSS on its list of sponsors, and include links to CSS on its web site.

Prioritization of support

Priority will be given to proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Support promotes interdisciplinary cognitive science research
  • Support benefits members of the Cognitive Science Society
  • Support promotes closer ties with other organizations
  • Support assists graduate students and postdoctoral fellows
  • Support is directed to underserved or intellectually underrepresented areas of cognitive science in the Society

Applying for support

Submit a brief (several sentences) statement, describing the conference and what sort of support you would like the Society to provide. Feel free to make creative suggestions for the nature of the support, as long as the support falls into the categories listed above. E-mail your statement to the Society Business Office here, and it will be forwarded to the current Society Chair for consideration.