Policy on Creating Affiliates and Chapters

One of the aims of The Cognitive Science Society is to build community. The Board hereby proposes the formation of two structures to facilitate this: Affiliates and Chapters. It is our expectation that the creation of Affiliates and Chapters will strengthen our society with additional loyal members. This document serves as a template for the creation of such structures.

The relationship between The Society and an Affiliate or Chapter will be a purely collegial one. The Society will provide certain services to the Affiliate or Chapter; the degree of the services will determine the fee structure, if any. `Chapter- is intended to indicate cases which arise from the recognition of common interests of sub-groups of existing members of the society. An example would be a regional or topic-based group. `Affiliate- is intended to indicate cases which arise from groupings with some external basis whose constituents may or may not be members and may or may not become members. It is assumed that there will be considerable variation in circumstances from case to case and that arrangements will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. This document is merely intended to establish a schematic facility for allowing this to take place.


Our intent is to provide support for pre-existing research communities, designated either by common geography or a common special interest. Such a community would consist of some reasonable number of established researchers in cognitive science, sometimes already members, sometimes constituted by membership in some related organisation, or looser informal grouping.

Such a community would provide to The Society a written request to form either a Chapter or an Affiliate. The request would specify what the community would expect from The Society and what it would offer in return. The community would also designate a single liaison to The Society who would make requests to our business office.

The Governing Board of The Society may accept or reject any proposal to form such a structure at its discretion. Furthermore, The Society has the right to terminate any Chapter or Affiliate at any time The Governing Board finds that the Affiliate or Chapter behaves in a way that it deems inappropriate. A terminated Chapter would receive a pro rata refund on monies collected on its behalf.

Possible features

The following is a list of possible features which such a request could include. The Society is open, however, to additional suggestions. Chapters may have a fee for service arrangement with The Society.

For either an Affiliate or a Chapter:

  • Sponsorship of meetings, including a link from The Society’s web site. There would be no charge for this service.
  • The use of our server to archive electronic proceedings of meetings.
  • The use of our registration software for meetings.
  • The use of our review software to referee meeting submissions.
  • Chapters have the additional privilege of using the Society-s business office. Members of the Chapter pay an additional fee, over and above their annual Society dues, to cover the expenses. The amount of this fee would vary with the services provided. The following features will be available only to Chapters:
  • The use of our business office to maintain membership records and mailing lists. If this service is provided, each member of the Chapter must be a member of The Society as well.
  • The use of our business office to collect dues (beyond the Society charges) to be returned to the Chapter for its own purposes.
  • Access to The Society-s full membership for legitimate research purposes (e.g., calls for papers, invitations to attend a meeting).
  • A member of the Governing Board would be designated by the Affiliate to represent the interests of the Chapter. Furthermore, a Chapter of adequate size (as determined by the governing board) would have the right to elect a non-voting member to the Governing Board.


All documents, whether electronic or hardcopy, issued by an Affiliate or a Chapter must include the following disclaimer: (name of structure) is an independent Affiliate/Chapter of The Cognitive Science Society and is solely responsible for actions and commitments undertaken by (name of structure). The Cognitive Science Society assumes no obligation or responsibility for any actions or commitments
undertaken by (name of structure).

Application Procedure

Any group wishing to become an Affiliate or a Chapter of The Society should submit an electronic document to the Chair and the Executive Officer with the following

  • A brief description of the group and its aims.
  • The name and email address of a contact person for that group
  • A description of the activities of the group for which the support of the Cognitive Science Society would be needed.
  • For Chapters wishing to collect fees, a preliminary budget should be submitted estimating the number of members, the fees to be charged to members, and the uses of those fees (including any payments to The Society for the use of the business office).
  • People interested in submitting proposals for Chapters should contact the Executive Officer prior to submission for help with the initial estimate of costs associated with the use of the business office.
  • Affiliates, or Chapters not requiring to collect fees, may be added at any time.
  • Chapters requiring the collection of fees can only be added for a given membership year prior to the initial call for membership for that year (normally around October 15 of the previous year).
  • Applications for Affiliate or Chapter status will first be screened by the Executive Committee of The Society, who may request additional information. Recommendations by the executive committee must be approved by the Governing Board by a majority of members casting votes.

Example: Affiliate

A fluctuating collection of researchers periodically plan a conference to share their interest in Cognitive Modeling. Anywhere from 30 to 70 people have assembled this way 7 times in the last 10 years. They have no ongoing organization. They ask to form the Cognitive Modeling Affiliate so that they can use our reviewing software, archive their electronic proceedings with us, and use our name as a sponsor. There will be no charge for this service.

Example: Chapter

An appreciable body of members of The Cognitive Science Society are based in Europe. The Society has already agreed to sponsor regional European conferences and to hold its main conference in rotation in Europe. They ask to form the Region R Chapter and have us collect $5 above the regular Society membership fees. The Region R Chapter will use our reviewing software, archive their electronic proceedings with us, use our full Society mailing list, and use our name as a sponsor. Those members who join The Society and check off the Region R Chapter will be recorded in a separate database, with a mailing list, maintained by The Society. The Region R Chapter will elect a managing officer who may request up to $4 per Chapter member from The Society to support the Chapter-s business. The Society retains $1 per Chapter member to cover business office expenses.